SAN FRANCISCO LEGISLATIVE UPDATE (2016): Katy Tang Tweaks Jane Kim Amendment


Last year’s “Jane Kim Amendment” to the Rent Ordinance almost immediately frustrated San Francisco property owners, who lamented the loss of “no subletting” provisions and occupancy limits in their rental units. It also frustrated some of their attorneys, who lost eviction lawsuits at the pleading stage for failing to attach the new required form to their termination notices.

This year’s Ordinance 17-16 makes some minor changes to the Rent Ordinance, including a change to the new Form 1007, which now includes information about the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development regarding eligibility for affordable housing programs.

Having just become effective on March 19, 2016, it is not yet clear if tenants will be able to successfully demurrer to complaints with notices that used the old Form 1007… but some of these changes are starting to feel more like traps for practitioners than features of a comprehensive affordable housing plan.

In any event, make sure to use the newForm 1007, not the old one.

You can find the language of Ordinance 17-16 here, and the new Form 1007 here.