Ellis Relocation Calculator

This San Francisco “Ellis Relocation Calculator” will provide estimated relocation assistance costs based on the profile of your building. Click the dropdown field below to select the number of residential units in the building, and, for each unit, enter the total number of occupants, as well as the total number who are disabled or elderly.

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The Ellis Act allows property owners to “go out of the residential rental business”. In San Francisco, landlords are required to pay “relocation assistance” to tenants-to-be-displaced. Tenants who are elderly or disabled are entitled to additional relocation assistance. San Francisco updates these numbers annually, to correspond with the consumer price index.

Once you’ve entered the occupancy numbers for your rental units, press “calculate” to generate an estimate of your total cost in relocation payments for withdrawing from the rental market.

Please note that San Francisco caps the base relocation payment at three occupants per rental unit, but there is no limit for additional payments to elderly/disabled occupants.) Please also note that, simply paying relocation assistance is not an indication of success, as Ellis Act evictions are highly contested matters. This figure also does not include legal fees, which may significantly increase the cost of “going out of business”.)

This tool is meant to provide a quick and convenient estimate of the costs of relocation payments under the Ellis Act, but again this number is an estimate and is not meant to be relied upon for accuracy. Ellis Act procedure is heavily scrutinized. Consult an attorney to evaluate requirements under the Ellis Act. The numbers above are based on Rent Board figures from March 1, 2024 to February 28, 2025. The Rent Ordinance requires different dollar amounts for other non-fault bases for eviction.

If you would like advice concerning an Ellis Act eviction, please feel free to send an email to Justin A. Goodman at Justin@zfplaw.com to inquire about a consult. As with all resources at Costa-Hawkins.com and TheEllisAct.com, this tool is intended for general/informational purposes only, it is not intended to be relied on, and it does not create an attorney-client relationship.