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SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE STRIKES DOWN “EDUCATOR EVICTION” LAW: SF Tenant-Protection Measure Violates State Law By Requiring Extended Eviction Notices

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San Francisco’s attack on property rights suffered yet another defeat today thanks to the efforts of lawyers at ZFP Law. Legislation designed to limit owners’ ability to recover possession of rental units for their own use or occupancy or to recover possession to make repairs or improvements was declared invalid by a San Francisco Superior Court judge.

The Law: In May of this year, the City amended the Rent Ordinance such that landlords who want to recover possession of rental units – such as owner/relative move-in, condo conversion sale, removal from housing use, capital improvements, or rehabilitation work – where the tenants have school-age children or are employed, in any way, by a school or school system, could not terminate the tenancies except during the Summer recess. (Ordinance 55-16) For example, a landlord who wants to move her ailing, elderly mother into a unit in her building on September 1 would have to wait until next May. The legislation was sponsored by Supervisors Campos, Kim, Mar, Avalos, Cohen, and Breed, and passed unanimously with the Mayor’s signature.

The Case: The San Francisco Apartment Association and Small Property Owners of San Francisco Institute retained Zacks, Freedman & Patterson to challenge the law, and the lawsuit was filed on June 10, 2016.

The Decision: On August 31, 2016, the San Francisco Superior Court issued an order invalidating the City’s ordinance, concluding that, “Since the Ordinance only regulates when some tenancies may be terminated based on who the tenants are, the Court agrees with Petitioners that it is preempted because it enters the fully-occupied field of the ‘timing of landlord-tenant transactions’ which ‘is a matter of statewide concern not amenable to local variations’”.

ZFP Law shareholder Andrew Zacks argued the matter with the assistance of senior litigator James Kraus. Said Zacks, “The judicial system is currently the only hope for vindicating the rights of property owners under the assault of short-sighted, ill-advised, counter-productive, and illegal San Francisco legislation. After 30 years of failed housing policies that have contributed to some of the highest housing prices in the world, San Francisco needs to explore new solutions. We are grateful that the Court acknowledged our primary argument that San Francisco laws must conform to the requirements of California law.”

San Francisco Apartment Association director Janan New added, “Much farther-reaching than the laudable goal of preventing displacement of teachers, the legislation actually made it illegal for a property owner to make necessary capital improvements to their building for nine months out of the year. It was written so broadly that it also prevented property owners from making major rehabilitations to their property anytime from September to June, and made it illegal for a homeowner to move into his or her own home for three quarters of the calendar year, even if the homeowner himself is a San Francisco teacher or school employee. We thank the Court for rightfully striking down the ordinance.”

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Ellis Eviction from the Landlords’ Perspective


The SF Chronicle explores the story of a Duboce Triangle family trying to recover possession of the second unit in their home from a decades’ old, long-term tenant, with the Ellis Act.

The tenant is paying $365 per month for the two-bedroom unit, and while the landlords have offered a six-figure payment to get the place back, the Ellis Act currently requires a payment of only about $5,500, following the recent, successful challenge to San Francisco’s second attempt to increase the relocation payment amount, earlier this month.

While the Chronicle notes the “irresistible narrative” of one of the owners – a curator at the De Young – evicting an artist, Zacks & Freedman’s Andrew Zacks was skeptical that the tenant added to the “artistic fiber” of the City, challenging sympathizers to “try to find him on the Internet”.


Zacks & Freedman Attends 31st Annual Judges Reception


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Zacks & Freedman attended the 31st Annual Judges Reception, put on by the Barrister’s Club of the San Francisco Bar Association. Zacks & Freedman was a Patron of this annual reception that encourages informal interaction between the judiciary and the Club’s membership.

This year, the Club also awarded Magistrate Judge Laurel Beeler of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California with the 2015 Tara L. Riedley Barristers Choice Award, to recognize her extraordinary efforts to educate and encourage young lawyers.