San Francisco Landlords Prevail in Challenge to Enhanced Relocation Payments in Ellis Act Evictions – Coyne, et al. v. CCSF


San Francisco landlords prevailed in their lawsuit against San Francisco’s recent Ordinance 68-15, an amendment to the Rent Ordinance that significantly increased the amount of relocation assistance payments owed to tenants displaced by Ellis Act evictions.

Ordinance 68-15, “Campos II”, was a “sequel” to last year’s Ordinance 54-14 (“Campos I”) – an amendment that also increased relocation assistance payments and which was overturned at the state level in the decision Jacoby v. CCSF. In determining that the Campos II relocation payments were “unreasonable”, Housing Court Judge Ronald Evans Quidachay interpreted a case 2006 appellate decision, Pieri v. CCSF, which first determined that a requirement that landlords pay “reasonable” relocation assistance to displaced tenants (regardless of the tenants’ income level) was not preempted by the Ellis Act. The City is expected to appeal the decision.

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