AIMCO Sues Airbnb Over Encouraging Lease Violations

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The Wall Street Journal reports that Apartment Investment & Management Co. (AIMCO) is suing Airbnb, alleging that Airbnb is helping their tenants breach their leases.

According to AIMCO, “It is not acceptable to us that Airbnb actively promotes and profits from deliberate breaches of our leases, and does so in utter disregard of the disrespectful and unsafe situations created for our full-time residents and their families”.

Airbnb’s response, utterly devoid of histrionics, championed the voice of their subjugated “hosts”, speaking truth to power, despite no ascertainable pecuniary interest in sticking its neck out, humbly urging that, “This attack on the middle class by powerful interests is wholly without merit”.