Justin Goodman Featured in February 2019 SPOSF Newsletter


The Small Property Owners of San Francisco institute featured Justin Goodman’s article on “How to determine if a tenant is just using his unit as his ‘place in the City’, and what to do about it”. San Francisco rent control protects “tenants in occupancy”, and landlords can use the “1.21 petition” (named for Rent Board Rules & Regulations section 1.21) to ask the Rent Board for a finding that tenant is really living somewhere else.

SPOSF’s mission is to provide owners of small rental properties in San Francisco with the tools and information necessary to conduct business successfully in a difficult regulatory climate, through educational programs, publications, and workshops that seek to help members better understand their rights and obligations, how to work constructively with city and state officials, and how to deal effectively with their tenants. SPOSF also seeks to protect the rights of small property owners against unfair and burdensome regulations through legal advocacy.

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