Airbnb Amendment Stalls with Supervisors; Headed to Voters

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The two competing bids to strengthen San Francisco’s existing Airbnb law came before the Board of Supervisors last week for a vote. Seeking a “scalpel” instead of a “sledgehammer”, the Board decided to postpone the vote for a month. Meanwhile, another effort to augment the existing law is headed to voters this November. Among other changes, the ballot measure would actually allow short term rentals in excess of the current limit of 90 days per year, as long as the host obtains a conditional use permit to operate an actual“bed and breakfast”. (Presumably, inflatable furniture would still be allowed.)

At the State level, Senator McGuire has not been successful in advancing the “Thriving Communities and Sharing Economy Act”, which would impose burdens on hosting platforms while empowering cities to enforce their short term rental laws, but he is planning to try again next year.